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glock 23 gen 5 review

The Glock 23 is a kick-ass gun. Previously, Glock finished their pistols with a Tenifer finish, which is extremely wear, rust, and corrosion resistant against moisture and water. Functional sights make for fast shots. Barrel finish was/is getting incredibly worn since round 200. Select options. It has a 4" barrel and matte black finish. What’s strange about the action/reaction of the recoil happens after the flip. I had plenty of gear for the gun and lots of trigger time behind the 9mm Glock 19. LMS-G4-19 . But there are a lot of other changes as well. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. The GLOCK 45’s best quality, perhaps, is that it wasn’t inherently designed for the concealed carry market. This is a model I've carried all these years now. This was Glock’s response to numerous complaints that they had received on the Gen 3 and Gen 4 models. With a 13 round magazine, the gun is only 4.99 inches tall. That being said, Glock has also removed the locking block pin of the Gen 4, instead replacing it with the two pin system that was previous in the Gen 1, 2, and 3. The Glock 23 (abbreviated as G23) is an Austrian pistol developed from the Glock 22. One is an IWB, the other attaches via MOLLE clips to a belt or bag. Select options. The .40, though, has a bit more kick. Both are excellent choices in 9mm, one (G34) being the big daddy long-slide competitor and the other (G26) being the stubby concealed carry or backup gun. Federal makes a 135 grain Hydra-Shok in .40 S&W. Glock started the Gen 5 rollouts a while back with the G34 and G26. While the .40 S&W isn’t a cheap practice round, it is available. There’s a lesson to be learned here. Other popular pistols also employ the Tenifer finish, such as the Walther PPQ. There’s an exception, though. Glock Gen 5 pistols come installed with the GMB, or Glock Marksman Barrel. GLOCK 17 GEN 5 MOS $ 580.00. The stippling on the sides of the grip also remain aggressive. Right hand rifling with a 9.84 inch twist rate. (Photo by David Higginbotham). Glock has been less than cooperative in resolving, only to say that the gen 5 has tight tolerances and should expect wear. However, doing a reliability check on a 9mm Glock is almost a waste of ammunition. I hope I can come up with the bread to get a Gen 5 G-23. After watching me curse and fight with multiple review guns, Mas offered his Gen 5 G19. And that will leave the Generation 5, which will represent the mainstay of Glock’s armory, until at least the Generation 6 comes out a few years down the road. Glock 35 Competition model. Description: This brand new Glock 23 Gen 5 (PA235S203) is a semi-automatic pistol which fires the .40 S&W round. Glock designed the Gen 5 to make it easier to reload. But the truth is that some of the changes from the Gen 4 to the Gen 5 are significant. It can be faster (sometimes). We spent six months and turned the corner of the recommend break-in round count on the striking Kimber Rapide Black Ice in 10mm Auto and have some things to report. For those of you who have been truly out of touch for the last 20 years, I’ll mention that the Glock has a lot of plastic. If you are in law enforcement, and you are issued a .40, that’s reason enough. The Generation 3 guns are in the process of being phased out; certain models of the Generation 3 are no longer available anymore. It was originally written in 2010. Fit and finish not so good. Yes, I had a slight fan-girl moment. Blackpoint Tactical Leather Wing OWB Hybrid Kydex and Leather Holster with Glock 17 Gen 5 Glock 17 Gen 5 Review: Criteria and Considerations. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gunnewsdaily_com-box-3','ezslot_5',116,'0','0'])); Another previous flaw with the Glock pistols was the lack of an ambidextrous slide stop to accommodate left handed shooters. As with the previous slide stop, the slide stops on the Gen 5 are very minimal and unobtrusive. Departing from the traditional Tinifer finish, Glock has opted for a new nDLC finish. Its' only been test fired by Glock and is ready to slide on as a replacement to an older Gen 3 slide you have or as the finishing touch to your 80% Glock compatible home gun build. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. For many years, the Model 26, Glock’s tiniest double-stack 9 mm, was my least-favorite Glock. Green Glock Guide Rod Laser ... For use in Glock 23 (Gen 4) LMS-G4-23 . But really, was the Glock Generation 5 even necessary? Reviews. No two ways about it. Add to wishlist. There are no reviews yet. The Glock 26 Gen 5 is the newest iteration of the baby Glock. Red Glock … Posted by 2 months ago. It is faster than the .45 ACP, which some see as a real benefit — while others argue that it is an insignificant measurement. (Photo by David Higginbotham). Glock kept some features of the Gen 4, transitioned back to some of the other features of the previous models, or added completely new features entirely. Get offers and news, Need Help?service@guns.comCall (866)582-4867, PO Box 1131 13800 Nicollet Blvd Burnsville, MN 55337 ©2019 According to Glock, the Gen 5 was only meant to be in 9mm, so a 3rd pin was not necessary in the new guns. 1 Review. The Glock 23 is a shorter then the full-sized Glock 22. After all, the saying goes that Glock is perfection. The Glock 23 is a shorter then the full-sized Glock 22. 0. Unloaded, the Glock 23 weighs in at only 23.65 ounces. The 9mm runs at 1,039. If you want more rounds (either for carry or for practice), any longer Glock .40-caliber magazine will fit. I can’t think of another gun, besides the 1911, that has as many holster options as the Glock 19 and 23. I recently had the good fortune to receive a new ammunition line from CCI called Clean-22. Trigger and accuracy excellent. Glock Gen 5 pistols are now shipping with Ameriglo Glock Spartan Operator Night Sights. Recently a Facebook page called Wars and Their Trivia posted several photos of the new Glocks. There is no external safety besides the trigger safety, which must be engaged to pull the trigger. You may have though that the Glock Generation 4 represented the pinnacle of everything that Glock could do, but the Generation 5 that was released last year shows that Glock still has many tricks left up their sleeve. They shoot just fine, but I do not carry one. The Glock 23. In summary, the changes and features of the Glock Gen 5 are: Now regardless of what you personally think of the Glock Gen 5, one thing is undeniable: it is the future of Glock, at least for the time being.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'gunnewsdaily_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',130,'0','0'])); The Generation 1 and Generation 2 guns are already phased out. It is really fast and does for the .40-caliber bullet what the .357 magnum round does for the .38. I think it is a more practical round than most .40s. Yet the increase in size over the 9mm reduces capacity (the Glock 19 mags hold 15 rounds). The .40 is actually a sized down version of the 10mm. SELECT GENERATION: GEN3, GEN4. Glock has remedied this problem by improving the sights on the Generation 5 versions. Glock claims that this barrel has improved rifling, which naturally lends itself to greater accuracy. Chambered in 9x19mm, the Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS pistol feeds through 17 rounds double-stack magazines. And that is why I bought the same Pierce floorplates. Glock 27 Subcompact model. It is a difficult question. If I had a choice between a Glock 19 and a Glock 23, I’d likely choose the 19. It has survived durability tests and use by multiple U.S. law enforcement agencies. Glock 23 Gen 5 came in DOWNSIDE is can't find a damn OWB holster that will fit it since Glock decided to make it 2mm wider than previous generations.... Close. The trigger of the Glock 34 Gen.5 MOS offers a 24N (approximately 2,4 kg) pull and is crisper than standard Glock triggers, with a shorter reset. It isn’t as simple as a flip that stays pointed up, like with some revolvers. Running a live-fire verification is a good practice on any handgun that will be used in a defensive capacity. Furthermore, Glock also bevelled and flared the magazine to make it easier to strip out an empty magazine and load in a fresh one. When Jake told me we had a Glock G34 Gen 5 MOS ($721.99, on the way for review, I was not too excited. The only real exception to this is the Glock 19X, which will not accept any Gen 5 magazines due to the extended floor plate. I’ve yet to find a round it won’t fire, or a situation in which it will fail. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Since the release of the Gen 5 in 2018, GLOCK has been working to add their full line up of pistols to be included with the Gen 5. Since this one came in for evaluation, I’ve had it on my hip most of the time. $279.99. The trigger on a Glock is usually very usable right out of the box. The offering is another quality product from CCI, who already create some of the best .22 LR ammo around. They are abundant. It is easy to over-correct. They’ve apparently been adopted by the Brazilian state police aka the PMESP. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. The Glock 23 for sale online is the slightly smaller brother to the G22 but packs a punch with its 40 S&W ammo. GLOCK 23 Gen 3 .40S&W Pistol Review. Most make more than one. Why would you want one chambered for .40 S&W? Shooters who were left handed would have to spend their own money to upgrade their pistols to accommodate them, but this is no longer the case as there is a slide stop on both ends of the pistol. The widest part of the gun is only 1.18 inches.Sight radius between on the 23 is 6.02 inches. Compare. How a 80's Colt King Cobra Changed My Mind on Revolvers. The 9mm worked surprisingly well in the Glock 23. Glock 23 GEN 5 MOS 40sw, with three 13 round mags MFR#: PA235S203MOS UPC: 764503043925. As the 23 and the 19 are almost identical in every way (except for the caliber of the gun), I felt instantly comfortable with the 23. Crye Precision makes a great Glock clip holster. I just conducted a search on Google using the keywords “Glock 19 review” and “bad”. The one I’m testing out in the video is an IWB from StealthGear USA (more on that to follow). There’s no reason to worry about this slight change concerning the magazines however, as all Glock magazines remain compatible with one another. The weight of the slide driving back into place brings the gun down. While I much prefer the new gen 5 grip without the finger grooves, I hate the cutout. We may earn a commission when you purchase through one of our links. Yes, this will irritate people who preferred the finger grooves, but it will certainly make those who didn’t like the grooves at all very happy.

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